Admittedly, this isn’t game related, but it is pretty great. We’ve seen a lot of gaming projects raise money through crowdsourcing, and now Toronto game designer and writer Daniel Perlmutter is raising money to create your Unwritten Masterpiece.

What I’m proposing is this: I’ll write a book that’s at least 200 pages long. I’ll publish it. I’ll get it into bookstores. I’ll do all the hard stuff. You just tell me what you want to see in it. Imagine that!

Just think, when this novel is climbing the bestseller charts you can tell your friends: I worked on that. You can sign copies and hand them out as gifts to visiting dignitaries. You can do that thing where you pass by a bookstore and see the book displayed in the window and you stop, just for a moment, and catch a reflection of yourself, then smile and keep walking. Or you can just forget the whole thing every happened. That’s up to you.