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Žižek on the Wire (and something extra)

Title says it all, here’s a recording of Slavoj Žižek delivering a lecture on The Wire. Spoilers abound, so if you’re someone who hasn’t seen the show yet then you should go do that right away.

That something extra in the title is The Wire: The Video Game

Slavoj Zizek: Catastrophic But Not Serious

Slavoj Zizek gave a talk at CUNY and Fora has it online, which is pretty handy. It’s a good lecture, if a little long (I suggest skipping to about the 10min mark), that covers quite a bit.

Zizek goes into our relationship with nature, the material and immaterial world, and how it relates to politics and religion. Definitely a good lecture!

It gets me thinking about how do games fit into his understanding of authenticity and what the meaning of games actually is (if anything).

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