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Getting Started With Modding Games

Mods for video games are as popular as ever. They range in size and scope from patches to fix tiny bugs to entirely new games being made. Heck, you can even use mods to capture machinima.

Now is a good time to get into modding, just like it was in the past.

Popular places to get mods:

Want to see what mods can do? Explore these sites for some mind blowing changes to your favourite games.

Nexus Mods
Steam Workshop

My favourite mod is SkyUI because without it Skyrim would have been painful.

Modding tools and tutorials:

Skyrim Creation kit (requires a PC version of Skyrim).
Tutorial playlist on how to use the Creation Kit:

Civ V
You need to have the game on Steam and download the Civ V SDK (under tools in Steam).
This is a basic tutorial on how to get started:


Source is made by Valve. They have tutorials on their site ready for you to explore. Create a Mod and My First Mod.

Cryengine by Crytek is a game engine used in a lot of AAA games. There’s are community of people modding games using the engine: Crytek at ModDB and at the Crytek website.

Id Software’s Rage Tool Kit links to pdf tutorials at the link.

The Collected Books of Skyrim

Skyrim has a ton of content and the lore of the game is so rich because it builds from the preceding Elder Scrolls games. With so much to work with, the creators were able to do more than just make a game – they wrote an obscene number of stories to flesh out their world. Reddit user OccupyTamriel made a gallery of the fictional authors of these books (images above) from in-game shots.

At UESP they have a catalog and text of every book in Skyrim. One fan went as far as creating an ebook file that contains all the books: Dovahkiin Gutenberg.

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