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The Watchers: A Game About Privacy

The Watchers is an augmented board game, co-designed by a team of kids, which teaches online privacy literacy skills to children 8+. Learn more at Gaming Privacy. A really nifty part of this project is that it is an augmented board game, as in you need the board game and iPad to play it.

Found this good little description of the game on their website:

The Watchers takes place in an inter-dimensional town called Union City. Tasked with protecting the city is a secret arms-length government agency, made up of the top agents from each dimension. The team must investigate a number of mysterious events surrounding the town’s hat-based augmented reality network, known as Hatnet. Through these investigations, players learn a number of real-world privacy concepts as well as developing their critical thinking and risk assessment skills.

The game comes out mid-May and I’m really looking forward to it!

Found via the great people at Atmosphere Industries.

Rick Mercer on Insane, Intrusive Law Proposed by Conservatives

It seems that doing business online is getting harder with every passing month in this country. This is not good. I’m sure most Canadians have heard of this, but I’d thought I’d bring it up again for good measure.

Here’s Rick Mercer on the absurdity of a law proposed under Vic Towes, who also alleges we support child pronographers. ಠ_ಠ

If you do anything on the internet and live in Canada you should be concerned about this Bill C-30.

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