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NRK Wants You to Remix Their Newest Train Video: Nordlandsbanen

This may not sound exciting, but I’m thrilled by the news that the public broadcaster in Norway (NRK) has released another 10-hour train video. NRK’s original route from Bergen to Oslo proved to be a rather soothing video to screen to a class filled with people making 3D models. The thing is, I’ve seen this train ride nearly four times.

This new NRK train video is almost meant to be seen four times as they recorded a train route for every season that Norway experiences.

What’s more they’ve released the video under a creative commons license and wants people to remix and edit the train ride!

The Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation (NRK) has made another spectacular minute by minute documentary, this time recording Norway’s northenmost railway linking Trondheim and Bodø. We’ve recorded it four times — once for every season, giving truly unique footage of this ten hour ride.

You can watch it on the web, but we have also made everything available for you to download in full HD — and licensed it with Creative Commons so that you can edit, remix and share!

Data can be Beautiful

The amount of data that’s out in the world is absolutely amazing and the problem is becoming less about getting the data than it is about understanding it. It’s great to see projects like the one below that follows 300,000 Norwegians move around Norway and beyond based off of tax return information.

Every time I see something like this I can’t help but think about how to get data like this into video games in a meaningful way.

Created over “a couple of months of evenings after putting the kids to bed,” each person becomes a line on a 3-D map, explored through an ever-changing camera perspective. The effectiveness is in the subtlety: Rather than simply travel from point A to point B, each mover actually fades out as they reach their destination. And rather than showing us a full speed “Pachinko machine” of information, Westvang slows things down, crops, and curates the content.

Found here.

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