Blueseed is a company that is looking to help foreign workers work in the USA. The American immigration system is broken and people who do want to work in the USA simply can’t essentially because of a backwards perspective on immigration.

Blueseed is looking to get around this by providing a boat offshore in international waters close to Silicon Valley that will ferry workers back and forth to meet clients on land. Sadly, it’s not as crazy as it sounds.

This is not the first such attempt to work around America’s broken immigration system. Many high-tech companies have established oversees R&D units to gain access to foreign talent. The Oscar winning director Peter Jackson moved his entire film production infrastructure to Wellington, New Zealand in part because of his ease in attracting global talent. Several years ago, Microsoft established a major innovation center outside Vancouver to act as a portal for global scientific and technical talent, a move which my Martin Prosperity Institute colleagues Kathrine Richardson, Kevin Stolarick and I studied in depth in a 2009 paper.

Read about the floating city at the Atlantic Cities.

That all being said, I know many people who would like to work in the USA for American companies but can’t stand the politics in the country. By politics this includes immigration laws, lack of health care, little to no vacation time, etc.