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Come Play Stardoz at Maker Festival Toronto

Stardoz with Oculus Rift

Maker Festival Toronto is happening this weekend (August 1&2) and it’s FREE!

I’ll be showing Stardoz complete with Oculus Rift support. I’ve modified the game quite a bit since the last time I showed it and it’s even more fun! Come on down and play Stardoz and all the other really cool projects that all the crazy makers have created.

Stardoz with Oculus Rift warp

If you’re curious here’s a partial list of what I changed:
-Enemy spawn rate
-Timer display
-Weapon performance
-AI vastly improved
-More SFX
-Easier to navigate menu (no head rotation needed)

Pictures of the Maker party last week:


Play Stardoz on the Oculus Rift at Make it Glow

Stardoz now has Oculus Rift support and you can play it next week in Toronto at Make it Glow, part of the Maker Festival.

Stardoz was made at TOJam and uses an Arduino heartbeat monitor to spawn enemies. You must stay calm and fight off the enemies. Now with Oculus Rift support you can fly around through meta-space with the ability to look around in 360 degrees. Is the game more fun with the Oculus Rift? You’ll have to play it to find out (hint: yes).

I’m still tweaking some of the gameplay and interfaces to make the Oculus Rift experience so much more than the non-VR version.

Playing Stardoz with the Oculus Rift

Playing Stardoz with the Oculus Rift

Make it Glow will have tons of fun exhibits and other oddities to check out!

There’ll be glittery things to gawk at, projects to play with, and science-ness on display. PLUS the evening will be brought to life thanks to Electric Runway – a fashion-meets-technology spectacle featuring smart garments, 3D printed jewelry, brain-sensing headbands, and light-up-everything sourced from makers near and far.

Join us as we sip on sparkles, paint with light, hypnotize our inner-cynic, reignite our maker spirit, and tinker toward a (techni-coloured!) future made by many.

Get your tickets to Make it Glow now!

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