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Inorganic Living ‘Lego Blocks’ That Can Evolve

This TED talk is really crazy insofar that speaker Lee Cronin explains how we can create inorganic matter that we can manipulate like Lego than we can let it evolve on its own.

He brushes off philosophy at the end of his talk then tries to define life in a very simplistic way. If anything, this a great chance for some really cool philosophy to explore what is life and why does it exist. By creating life ourselves was does that mean to us?

Is there an ethical responsibility to care for any life we create in a lab? If yes then what’s is god’s responsibility to us and if not, how do we hold people to account if their evolved life causes harm?

Why is Everybody Here?

Here’s a fun video of a person who thought they would have the city to themselves during the day if they didn’t go to work. The man slowly realizes that there are people who don’t work 9-5 and do things during the day.

Enjoy your weekend!

I’m sure you’ve wondered what people do all day too!

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