Minecraft is a fun game and The Hunger Games are a fun series of books – put them together and you get a digital Battle Royale. It’s actually called Hungercraft and it’s a popular enough idea that a few places are hosting Hungercraft games as you read this.

Like in the books, you’re given a time limit on game length (in Hungercraft it’s a clear time limit) and only one person can come out victorious. Unlike in the movie, a forced love story is not required.

The people at Minecraft Hunger Games sell kits (equipment, food, or some combination) that will help you win the competition. Just like the sponsors could buy support for their district’s champions. Games are happening all the time on their servers.

At HungerCraft there is a whole community with regular competitions. They even track stats from one game to the next.

May the odds be forever in your favour.