Dames making games

If you are female or know somebody who is and they are also interested in games then you should tell them about Jeuxly! Dames Making Games is at it again and it’s a great chance to learn the ins and outs of game making.

What’s Jeuxly?

Jeuxly, based on the model of JAMuary and the Difference Engine Initiative, will aim to get first-time female game-makers to make their own first games during the month of July (and half of August). We’ll be providing you with weekly group work sessions and peer mentoring at Bento Miso (a co-working space near Trinity Bellwoods Park, and DMG’s generous sponsor), an online support and resource package, and an opportunity to present their games in public at a Dames Making Games reception and social. The incubator will run in conjunction with The New Game Makers, a speaker and workshop series held at Bento Miso featuring female game professionals.

Apply online now! Deadline is June 10.

Hat tip to the Hand Eye Society