The Microsoft tag blog has posted seven areas that brands should explore in the mobile space. Most of the points are the standard area that people working in mobile look at (augmented reality and location-specific stuff) but one point brought up is one I don’t normally think about.

Compliance/CRM Gaming

A major concern in the pharma/health industry is compliance of product usage. A common reaction from marketers is to set up voluntary email or text reminders. But what tends to happen over time is the consumer becomes annoyed by standard messaging that merely reminds them they’re deficient. Not a mood any brand wants to be associated with. What if the industry could move consumers from a feeling of “I’m different” to “I’m special” using games?

Bayer introduced the Didget blood glucose meter that plugs into a Nintendo DS and rewards kids with games for consistent testing. So, when a 14-year-old boy who’s recently discovered he’s diabetic experiences feelings of inadequacy and even daily compliance refusal sets in, a brand stepped in to make him feel exclusive. Think how your brand can use gaming to keep your loyal customers over-time.

Consumer response: “I’ll stay loyal knowing that with repeat usage or purchases of products I’m getting more than just the product.”

Using mobile devices to keep in contact with your consumers isn’t new itself, but attaching it to a larger experience beyond the traditional brand is. The gamification process will likely be problematic for most brands, but anything is possible right?