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Canadian Armed Forces Testing VR PTSD Treatment

Previously, I documented a bit about health and video games before, and now it’s worth noting that the Canadian military is going to start using video games to treat PTSD. They’ll be utilizing a virtual reality space to recreate what caused the traumatic stress in the first place.

The new therapy method puts soldiers in a computer-animated situation that recreates the specific incident that left the soldiers traumatized. A therapist then helps the soldiers to work through their memories.

The VR therapy was pioneered by Dr. Skip Rizzo at the University of Southern California. He says that “the research shows, pretty consistently over the years, that by having the person gradually imagine or be exposed in VR to events in the traumatic memories, that they’re able to process emotional memories.”

The American military has been using the VR-based treatment for PTSD for years and has seen success with their program.

Read more and watch a video with more info at the CBC.

Rick Mercer on Insane, Intrusive Law Proposed by Conservatives

It seems that doing business online is getting harder with every passing month in this country. This is not good. I’m sure most Canadians have heard of this, but I’d thought I’d bring it up again for good measure.

Here’s Rick Mercer on the absurdity of a law proposed under Vic Towes, who also alleges we support child pronographers. ಠ_ಠ

If you do anything on the internet and live in Canada you should be concerned about this Bill C-30.

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