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Get Your ByoLogyc Retreat Tickets

The final event in the ZED.TO story (previously, previously, and previously) is happening the first weekend of November and you can get your tickets now.

All you need to know is that you may already be infected with BRX. Byologyc is a pharmaceutical company that created it and claims to have a cure, but they also blame EXE for releasing BRX. Get it? If you want to know more about the story then you can get up to speed on Byologyc’s YouTube page.

At EXE is Here you can get the inside scoop, gossip, and My Little Pony threads. The video below is one such example of the guerrilla research they’re up to.

ZED.TO: ByoLogyc’s 20th Anniversary

There’s only a few days left for ZED.TO’s Indiegogo campaign and the team behind Zed have been up to some fun things already. Did you know that ByoLogyc just turned 20?

As for the party, after a short period of mingling in the Ingram Gallery with staff and trying out products, Chet arrived with Diva Capricia as his ‘special guest’, who gave a chilling performance of “Ebben? Ne andro lontana” from Catallani’s opera “La Wally” to help set the mood for the evening. I can’t say I’m a fan of opera, but after being chilled to the bone by Capricia’s live performance, I had to research the song and find out what story it was that she was performing. The discovery did not disappoint.

That was only the beginning of the night, however, as more drama unfolded throughout the party – including a minor brawl with the bartender, and the removal of the contracted media coverage team for asking too many questions. And sadly, Capricia was the one left behind at the party as Chet took leave early – with Olive Swift on his arm.

Read more at 4d Fiction.

I’m looking forward to their upcoming events at the Fringe in Toronto and their Patient Zero project at Nuit Blance.

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