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BBC Looks at a 90 Year Old Gamer

In this news segment the BBC notes that one senior plays games for fun and for something to keep her brain going: ‘Computer games keep me mentally active

Using games for this purpose is not new, but it is gainging in popularity. RealAge writes in response to a question about how to keep mentally active that there is now research in ways that games can help seniors:

It’s no wonder the National Science Foundation is putting $1.2 million into a four-year study to investigate if and how video games slow cognitive decline. The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation also pledged $8.5 million to study the impact of video games on everything from Alzheimer’s disease to driving skills.

So play games and stay young 😉

Challenges for Faculty and Students

Being a student is tough, just ask anyone finishing the Bachelor’s, or Master’s degree (PhD students are born for this stress so they don’t count 😉 ).

Being a teacher can be just as stressful.

On the teaching side of education staying ‘in touch’ and relevant to students is always a challenge. Not only does the knowledge about the discipline being taught change over time, so does culture. Indeed, culture changes a lot: take a look at the famous (or is it infamous) annual Mindset List from Beloit College. Here’s news coverage of the 2010 release.

The Chronicle of Higher Education have compiled a similar lists for students – The Mindset of Faculty. So students you have more to study!

Speaking of studying, here’s what really stress out students:

Stressed Out Students

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