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Bringing the Future to Life

Regular readers will know that I’m a fan of The Mission Business and their works (previously ZED.TO and Visitations). One of the Business members, Trevor, gave a talk at TEDxOCADU and it’s now online:

From the video description:

Trevor Haldenby is the imaginative thinker who focuses emerging technologies on exciting ideas.

He has worked as interactive producer and design consultant on a diverse array of digital projects: including the popular virtual world Habbo Hotel, and Earth Rangers’ Bring Back The Wild campaign.

Trevor’s own creative projects have won acclaim and redrawn borders in digital storytelling; including Painting The Myth: The Mystery of Tom Thomson and ZED.TO, an apocalyptic and futuristic transmedia adventure. These projects have been recognized with a 2012 Digi Award for Cross-Platform Fiction, Gold at the National Post Design Exchange Awards, and Best in Show at the Toronto Fringe Festival and World Future Society. Trevor is currently completing a Master’s of Design in Strategic Foresight & Innovation at OCAD University, and is co-founder of experience design collective The Mission Business.

Gamercamp and ZED.TO This Weekend

Gamercamp 2012 is this coming weekend and it’s looking like the best camp yet! Tonight they are doing a halloween screening of Ace Attorney.

I’ll be running a workshop from 2-3 on Saturday about board games and Board Game Jam, so if you’re new to board games you should come check it out. See the schedule for more fun things happening at Gamercamp.

Also this weekend, ZED.TO is having their climactic event on Friday and Saturday. It’s looking like it’s going to be the most intense interactive theatrical experience to ever be staged in Toronto.

A Special Message from ByoLogyc CEO Chet Getram from ByoLogyc on Vimeo.

To catch up on some background of the ZED story be sure to check out the web comic.

Get Your ByoLogyc Retreat Tickets

The final event in the ZED.TO story (previously, previously, and previously) is happening the first weekend of November and you can get your tickets now.

All you need to know is that you may already be infected with BRX. Byologyc is a pharmaceutical company that created it and claims to have a cure, but they also blame EXE for releasing BRX. Get it? If you want to know more about the story then you can get up to speed on Byologyc’s YouTube page.

At EXE is Here you can get the inside scoop, gossip, and My Little Pony threads. The video below is one such example of the guerrilla research they’re up to.

ZED.TO at Toronto Fringe Festival

I’ve been keeping a close eye on what the ZED.TO folks have been up to and their most recent event is something worth experiencing. It’s a theatrical performance that carries the story of ByoLogyc and the impending end of the world further along.

The performance is called Byologyc: Where You Become New and it is an immersive interactive piece of theatre that feels like a corporate event. ByoLogyc has a new product they want to promote, and they want you involved. If you’re in Toronto then I highly recommend going to see this!

The best description of what the play really is about is captured in this review at Mooney on Theatre.

ByoLogyc is not a play, it’s an experience. It takes viral marketing and interactive sharing to a whole other level. From the introductory phone call and the separate info line you’re encouraged to call to the hands on experience inside the event. From the need to think fast and speak up when asked to progress the experience to signing up online for the VIP program and speaking to the characters over Twitter and on the forums.

Your experience grows the more you interact. You are not bored when you participate. You are a vital and integral part of the show. The fourth wall does not end in front of you, it extends and ends behind you so it is up to you as an attendee not to break that experience.

You don’t need to know about anything in the story that has happened prior to the play, but it can make the experience more fun. The ZED team has done a good job of providing all that info in one spot on their homepage.

The show runs every night at 7:30pm until July 15th at the Annex WreckRoom at Bloor and Bathurst. Pro tip: be there for 7:15. You can get tickets are the door or order online via the Fringe’s site (be warned, the site is horrendous).

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