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Small Drones in the USA

“This is not a video game” says one of the Air Force people interviewed in this documentary on Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs). In 2015 the airspace in the USA will be open for roaming by UAVs run by the average person to the militarized police forces in the country.

These small UAVs discussed in the documentary are possible thanks to a whole bunch of disparate technologies greatly improving. Think smartphones meets AI meets improved energy efficiency.

I wonder when we’ll see augmented reality games that use cheap drones.

BBC Documentary on the Vikings

I’ve enjoyed Neil Oliver’s documentaries before and this three part series on the culture and general history of the Vikings is an enjoyable watch. It’s easy to forget how expansive their impact on the world was and how different the world could have been if the Romans ever got into Scandinavia.

It’s almost like learning the history of Skyrim 😉

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