For those of you who are debating going to X-Summit you’re going to want to get your tickets before the end of the day today. It’s Interactive Ontario‘s annual interactive media conference held in Toronto, albeit with a new name this year. Why they changed the name, I can’t say, I guess some people like it better that way.

X-Summit is happening 24-26th of October in Toronto.

About X-Summit

Cross-Media || Intelligence, Collaboration, Change

X marks the spot where interactive digital media innovators meet, collaborate, partner and learn.

This two-day business intelligence conference focuses on the areas where cross-media converges; enabling content producers to better tell their stories seamlessly across multiple platforms.

X-Summit embraces innovation and explores the future of cross-media content through active learning, hands-on workshops, round-table discussions, concise presentations, dynamic panel discussions and cutting-edge demonstrations. A departure from typical formats, this next-generation conference will inspire and challenge, outfitting participants with tangible takeaways, fresh ideas to consider and new opportunities to explore.

X-Summit’s thought-provoking and future-oriented content offers insights from outstanding speakers from across the globe who will share their experience, knowledge and strategic foresight, providing valuable insights into the constantly evolving world of cross-media. X-Summit is an unparalleled opportunity for content creators to collaborate with interactive media professionals in a world-class conference setting.

X-Summit’s official site.