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Transmedia Thoughts From TIFF Industry Conference

Transmedia is basically a useless word, but I’m using it here because that’s what TIFF uses it. Transmedia really is just media nowadays, not to get hung up on the word though….
Anyway, last year I attended the TIFF Industry Conference and enjoyed it. Recently, TIFF posted some of their recordings of the conference, two of which are worth watching if you’re doing anything related to visual and interactive storytelling:

They have more on the YouTube channel.

Bringing the Future to Life

Trevor Haldenby just put his incredibly long look at the use of transmedia storytelling online. I’m looking forward to sitting and reading this.

This book-length exploration into the creation of the project, and my motivations to design and reflect on it as a futurist, took me just about a year to write. Hopefully itโ€™s a bit faster to read. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Submitted to OCAD University for the degree of Master of Design in Strategic Foresight and Innovation. This book reflects on a research project exploring the use of transmedia storytelling techniques to materialize speculative future scenarios. It also highlights a transmedia futures project called ZED.TO, created in 2012 in Toronto by Trevor Haldenby and The Mission Business.

Bringing the Future to Life: Pervasive Transmedia Scenarios and the World of Worlding by Trevor Haldenby

via the authors Tumblr.

Watch Presentations from Merging Media

The Merging Media conference looks at what’s happening in transmedia and related projects. The 2012 conference happened this past OCtober but the organizers have put videos from the conference on their YouTube channel. There are some neat talks like the one below on pervasive experiences.

Transmedia Storytelling Tools

Transmedia stories have pros and cons to them and how they are told. One question that comes a lot is how to organize all the actions and events that a good transmedia experience has in a cohesive way. Not only does the transmedia story need to be organized from a designer’s perspective (videos, tweets, emails, etc.) over the run of the story but it needs to also be organized from a player’s perspective. This in itself is a major issue in transmedia design.

There is no ready-made solution for transmedia storytelling but it has come a long way from the early days when everything was tracked with ghetto Excel spreadsheets. Here’s an incomplete list of some tools that can be useful for anything like transmedia.

The Shadow Gang has made a “turn key” solution for starting a transmedia project. It looks like they want to be an all-in-one solution.

For phone based stuff check out Twilio.

Moveable Feast allows to blend maps and any media together to form a unified experience.

If This Than That is an online tool that lets you merge together quite a few different online services to get people from one thing to the next.

SCVNGR is all about getting people to do something at a particular time and place.

Conducttr looks like another all in one solution. They have examples of case studies that their tool has been used in.

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