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Portal 2 Joins Skyrim in Steam Workshop Next Week

Skyrim has been on the Steam Workshop for a few months now and has seen some nifty things come out of it. Valve has announced that Portal 2 will get a level creator on the Steam Workshop too.

The Verge is reporting that May 8 will be the official release date for the creation kit. Of course, it’s Valve so don’t forget to adjust your clocks to Valve Time.

I haven’t had a good chance to explore the creation kits in detail but I’m interested in seeing how I can use the workshop to help teach game design.

You can get more info on the Skyrim Game Creation Kit here.

Trains Vs. Zombies

I can’t possibly hide the fact that this new DLC Trains Vs. Zombies for Railworks 3 appeals to two things that really appeal to me. You guessed it, zombies and trains. Just in time for halloween too!

Check it out on Steam.

From the game’s description:

‘Can anyone here drive a train???’ Answer this desperate call and rescue the people from zombies in this spooky Halloween pack for Train Simulator 2012! A wicked witch is turning the whole population into zombies, and almost everybody around you is falling under the spell. There’s only one thing for it – get the survivors onto a train and get them out of there, pronto! Trains vs. Zombies is a fun and spooky Halloween-themed scenario pack for Train Simulator 2012, with one or two surprises in store…

With a zombie plague in full swing, you find yourself in Oxford amongst a group of survivors, one of whom is The Professor. He has the entry code to a secret bunker beneath Paddington Station, and will lead you all to safety as long as you can drive everybody there! Starting out from Oxford Station, unexpected happenings along the way mean you will be in for a bumpy ride – and a few train changes! You need to get away quickly, as the zombies are hard at work ripping up the tracks, though with a little Halloween magic, a few missing pieces of track won’t stop you getting away…

With zombies, witches, pumpkins and some pretty unusual train driving, Trains vs. Zombies is a spooky way to spend Halloween… dare you get into the cab?

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