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The Coming Civil War over General-purpose Computing

Cory Doctorow is a smart thinker when it comes to computers and how they relate to our basic rights. Over the summer he delviered a lecture titled The Coming Civil War over General-purpose Computing and it’s a fascinating look into the future of DRM (digital rights management), firmware, security, openness, and how we as a culture relate to computers.

Watch the lecture below and you may also want to check out the text version of his argument.

Žižek on the Wire (and something extra)

Title says it all, here’s a recording of Slavoj Žižek delivering a lecture on The Wire. Spoilers abound, so if you’re someone who hasn’t seen the show yet then you should go do that right away.

That something extra in the title is The Wire: The Video Game

Civilization Far From Equilibrium

Yesterday this talk came up twice in two very different conversations, one related to game design and the other related to the nature and necessity of complexity and energy in society. This is a talk worth watching (or listening) to.

The talk in question is a Civilization Far From Equilibrium: Energy, Complexity and Human Survival by Thomas Homer-Dixon. It was delivered last June at the Equinox Summit in Waterloo.

The Elusive Technological Future

This lecture given by John Naughton is stunning. In this half-hour long talk he breaks down how technology actually changes us in ways we didn’t expect; it’s amazing how large our blind spots can be when it comes to new technologies. The last half of the video is Q&A.

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