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Google on the Modern Gamer

Google has released a white paper on the state of the modern gamer and key things to note. Unsurprisingly, they note that searches for big titles have increased over the years and the number of searches is an OK predictor of sales.

Our research uncovers the following key trends:

  • More engagement: searches per gamer increased 20% year over year.
  • More research: 4 in 10 searches occur before a game releases.
  • More mobile: 1 in 10 searches happen on mobile devices.
  • More sales: 84% of game sales can be predicted by search clicks.

Once Upon

Once Upon is an art project that took modern popular websites and rebuilt them as if they were designed in 1997. Google+, YouTube, and Facebook are all rebuilt to reflect a design psychology from 97 and are best viewed using Netscape Navigator 4.

Of course, if any of these sites were built back then they would’ve failed for various reasons.

Lucky for us the artists created an absolutely odd film of people drinking beer while surfing the internet:

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