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Runbow is Available Now!

Runbow is now available for download on the Wii U and you should go get it!

The game has been made by graduates from the game design program I teach in at George Brown College. It’s been wonderful seeing this group of (former) students go from wandering into the classroom in 2013 to a game released on Nintendo’s Wii U in 2015.

It’s amazing to see Runbow grow from a nugget of an idea to win Level Up in 2014 and now seeing it released on a console.

You can get the game on the eShop and can be yours for the great price of $14.99!

Runbow on Nintendo’s site and the official Runbow site.

Emo Bubbles and Crack Up

Two games recently put on the App Store are from former students of George Brown’s game design program and they’re both fun!

Emo Bubbles
Emo Bubbles by Absurd Games has the player dealing with pesky emotional bubbles. If you don’t know what emo is all about, check out the Wikipedia page on emo.

You can get Emo Bubbles on the App Store now.

Stratum Games released Crack Up a little while ago and is currently working on the next release in the game series, Crack Up: Mayan Mayhem. Their blog has a post about the style of their upcoming game which should be on the App Store anytime now.

The original Crack Up is available for download already.

You can be the EggMan


EggMan is a Unity-based game made by one of the current students in the George Brown Game Design postgraduate program. It’s essentially a reverse Angry Birds because you need to defend from an attack. The attack is not birds being flung, instead it’s cannonballs!

You need to arrange tiles to protect the egg and see how long your structure lasts. Buy upgrades to make it stronger. It’s a surprisingly addictive game!

You can play the game online at Wooglie.

Digifest Toronto Begins (Plus Incubator Launch)

Digitfest Toronto kicks off today! There’ll be quite a few digifest related events will be happening throughout the week so check out the schedule.

If you’re not making it digifest you can always come to a free event tonight: the opening of the gaminginc game development incubator for startups run by George Brown College.

Opening its doors this September,a new gaming incubator at the School of Design has been created by George Brown College. Located on the 6th floor of 333 King Street East,it will support the city’s gaming sector by providing affordable space,business and professional services,technology and human resources. The incubator will share space with the School of Design’s digital programs,occupying 2000 square feet in a 26,000 square foot facility.

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