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Busting Myths on iOS vs. Android Development

At GDC 2013 Chris Pruett gave a talk on the differences between his company’s performance on iOS and Android. If you have 20 minutes to spare you can watch it on the GDC Vault or check out a write up on the talk below.

In his experience, the differences between selling on the platforms did not live up to the hype. THey noticed that their games performed more or less the same on both markets.

Myth #3: iOS users spend more money than Android users

There could be many reasons for this. iOS is more expensive so those users have more money. Or maybe because you have to put your credit card into the iOS App Store it’s easier to buy. Or maybe because there are extremely cheap Android phones those people don’t have money to spend. These all reasons seem to make intuitive sense.

People believe that iOS users will still spend more than Android users if the app is free-to-play with in app purchases but that’s not what they found.

Read the rest of the myths here.

The Making of FTL

FTL Early Build

I’ve been a bit of an FTL kick recently and so I was thrilled to see that the team behind FTL gave a talk at this year’s GDC. The released early screen shots of the game (above) and what the early testers thought of everything from the combat to the art.

They also had some interesting things to say about what it’s like to develop the game in a very public way. The game got funded via Kickstarter and their success brought both positive and negative elements to the game and it’s development.Essentially, expectations went way up and so too did scope (and the challenges inherent in that).

They have already posted their slides from their talk and you can download them here. Before going their slide deck I suggest reading Armless Octopus’s writeup of actually being there for the talk as it provides context for the slides as well as some additional insight.

Now to spin up my FTL…

Round-up of Good GDC Vault Presentations

Sadly, I’m not going to GDC this year so to make up for it, I scoured the vault to find presentations I previously enjoyed as well as new ones (to me). I thought I’d share some of my favourite talks for other people who, like me, are missing out on this year’s fun.

The GDC Vault has a nearly every presentation and panel from previous GDC events. There is a ton of content within it which is really good and you should go through it to find stuff directly related to you. Below, are links to some choice GDC presentations from 2011 & 2012.

All the links are to free content in the vault (some  presentations that have only slides below may have video for paid accounts).


From GDC 2011:


From GDC 2012

Somethings Never Change: The Dragon Speech

My last post on the need for the game industry to expand it’s storytelling skills and the stories themselves. Chris Crawford who made lots of early computer games (one game in particular I enjoyed was Balance of Power) and helped to found the Game Developer’s Conference (GDC).

In 1992 he gave a speech at GDC that went down in game designer history and in a meeting I was in this week somebody referenced it. Hearing it so casually mentioned made me actually want to watch it, and lo and behold it’s on YouTube. Crawford’s speech is referred to as the dragon speech and captured his enthusiasm for pushing the game industry into more exciting territory.

After watching the entire lecture I can’t help think that we’ve come so far but didn’t cover any distance.

In 2009, influential game designer Jason Rohrer and Crawford hung out during GDC and had some cameras follow them around. It’s a worthwhile watch.

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