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Designing a Game for 2022

To random readers of this blog, this is a game design exercise that we’re currently trying.

Today Trevor Haldenby stopped by to talk all about the world of foresight analysis and a little bit about his experience at Earth Rangers. We all love thinking so let’s do that! Using the STEEP-V method to think about the world, you’ll have to think about a game for that world.

The world:






  • Governments rely on research (technological and biological) from for-profit entities (good reason for this, bad reason for this).
  • There is a lack of legislation on neural-implants. (Can anybody suggest a link for this?)


The challenge:
Make a game for the video game players of 2022. Describe your game and the world it takes place in through a 5-10min oral pitch.

The entire game from genre to platform are up to you, you can even design a game for a holographic gaming system. Things to cover:

  • Core game mechanic – what’s your hook?
  • Player demographics
  • Genre
  • Story
  • Multiplayer or not

Describe your world. The above talks about your game, but in order for people hearing your pitch they’ll have to understand the world you’re making the game for in addition to the above STEEP-V breakdown. Be prepared to defend your justifications for your world existing as you see it. Here are some suggestions as to what you should look at (it’s up to you to figure out what is relevant):

  • Think of polarities and extremes.
  • How do the points in the STEEP-V breakdown connect?
  • What are key differences in culture?
  • Is there new technology?
  • Did the occupy movement occupy Facebook?
  • What are the privacy concerns of 2022?
  • Have religious people banned video games?
  • Try backcasting! How did we get to the world described here?

More on the Future of Gaming from PSFK

Here’s a nicely put together look into the future of gaming, they look at why games exist in their current form and how the evolving use of mechanics in games impact us.

PSFK Future of Gaming Report [Preview]

View more presentations from PSFK

From PSFK on the Future of Gaming:

PSFK’s Future Of Gaming report presents key trends emerging within the gaming space that brands, non-profits and communities can leverage to build engagement and motivate their target audience towards achieving a desired goal or outcome. It is designed to inspire anyone tasked with creating compelling user experiences, whether that be on a digital screen, in the real world or somewhere in between.

We recognize that there is a tremendous amount of research and study taking place around gaming, and this report reflects our contribution to that conversation. The report provides a current snapshot into the innovative ways that games are being used within the broader marketplace, examine their expanding role in effecting change on an individual and societal level, and highlight the new technologies that are making these experiences possible.

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