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First Person Shooter On Chatroulette

Chatroulette is a website that connects strangers to, well, chat. That isn’t always the case though (be warned!) and some people took the website and mixed it with some interactive fun.

This is a really neat merger of interactive mediums:

  • a chat website
  • video game tropes
  • live actors
  • streaming video
  • obviously, spread over the web

Here’s how they made it:

Via reddit.

Gunshow On Art Games

I’m a regular reader of the webcomic Gunshow and this is one reason why.

Go read gunshow

You should read Gunshow too.

A Modern Take On The Fireplace

Here’s a video I created for fun one day. It’s a video of a video of a fire in a fireplace which was originally posted to fire. Let the recursive hear warm you up on a snowy day.

Vooza Makes Games

I really like this Vooza short about their games being rejected:

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