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Board Game Jam 2013 is a GO!

We’re running Board Game Jam again this year and we’re super-excited about it because we have room for even more jammers!

Like the previous two years, early bird tickets are $15, and available until Wednesday February 6. After that, late bird tickets are $20. Get them here! As before, all ticket sales go towards purchasing a cornocupia of supplies, and other fun thing

You can check out media coverage of previous years here:

  • The Toronto Star – Board Game creators compete tech-free at Board Game Jam
  • Torontoist – Battle of the Boards
  • BlogTO – The choose your own adventure of board games
  • You can buy your tickets over at Eventbrite!

    Gamercamp and ZED.TO This Weekend

    Gamercamp 2012 is this coming weekend and it’s looking like the best camp yet! Tonight they are doing a halloween screening of Ace Attorney.

    I’ll be running a workshop from 2-3 on Saturday about board games and Board Game Jam, so if you’re new to board games you should come check it out. See the schedule for more fun things happening at Gamercamp.

    Also this weekend, ZED.TO is having their climactic event on Friday and Saturday. It’s looking like it’s going to be the most intense interactive theatrical experience to ever be staged in Toronto.

    A Special Message from ByoLogyc CEO Chet Getram from ByoLogyc on Vimeo.

    To catch up on some background of the ZED story be sure to check out the web comic.

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