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GTA V’s Real World Inspiration for Landmarks

GTA V has been making headlines for over a week now and I’m sure you’re sick of hearing about it. Still, I want to share these nifty collections of images comparing in-game locations to their real world corollary.

First, there is an extensive comparison can be found at LA I am Yours, which covers most of the landmarks in Los Santos. When driving the streets of Los Santos there were some buildings that I could tell were copies of real ones, but having never been to LA I had no idea what the buildings actually are.

Reddit user SurlyBadger created an album exclusively about Venice Beach compared to the in-game Vespucci Beach.

Real World Architecture and Locations in The Last of Us

After playing through The Last of Us, I decided to look into how accurate the locations of the game are.

The talented people at Naughty Dog make great game environments and I was particularly impressed by some of what I saw in the game. Their environments have enough real-world influence to create a strong sense of immersion while they also adjust the layout of buildings (and their colour/textures) to enhance the gameplay.

Indeed, the art direction is so detailed that they included the right area code in some regions; however, we can’t ignore that they also included a sex line.

From here on consider everything to be a spoiler if you don’t want the game ruined.
If you haven’t played it then buy the game now (Amazon link)!

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Architizer Examines Architecture in Video Games

Via Architizer

I enjoy reading Architizer so I was delighted to find a post on how video games use architecture. In it, the author breaks down the basics of how games utilize architecture to convey meaning into four ways.

1. Realistic Backgrounds
2. Labyrinth
3. Worldbuilding
4. Surrealist Mindbending

It is an oversimplification, but a good starting point nonetheless. Here’s a snippet on the labyrinth:

Labyrinth/Parking Garage Typology:

Games like Doom, or even Super Mario Brothers, on the other hand, take place in worlds that are both realistic and insanely fantastical. Here, architecture takes on the role of the Minotaur’s labyrinth or, taking inspiration from the Doom franchise, the infinite parking garage. The built form remains the scaffolding for the story, with players wandering around and through a seemingly infinite series of similar spaces.

GeoGuesser: Where Are You?

GeoGuesser is a great way to kill a couple minutes and see a little more of the world. The basic challenge is to figure out where in the world you are looking at. The site uses Google Maps to create this nice short game.

Sometimes you get randomly placed in a easy to figure out area and other times it’s as if you’ve been dropped in the middle of the desert. I found just looking at the architecture was enough of a clue, sometimes it took a guess of geology.

I averaged around 12000 – how about you?

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