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Stardoz is a crazy experimental biometric-driven game with Oculus Rift support. In the game you fly around in a spaceship shooting at giant floating heads and hands. It’s similar to many flying in space combat games. You can read about the development of the game in the writeup on my process.

This game isn’t available for purchase. It’s great for showing at game events though; feel free to contact me if you want it on display.

Released in 2015.

Come Play Stardoz at Maker Festival Toronto

Stardoz with Oculus Rift

Maker Festival Toronto is happening this weekend (August 1&2) and it’s FREE!

I’ll be showing Stardoz complete with Oculus Rift support. I’ve modified the game quite a bit since the last time I showed it and it’s even more fun! Come on down and play Stardoz and all the other really cool projects that all the crazy makers have created.

Stardoz with Oculus Rift warp

If you’re curious here’s a partial list of what I changed:
-Enemy spawn rate
-Timer display
-Weapon performance
-AI vastly improved
-More SFX
-Easier to navigate menu (no head rotation needed)

Pictures of the Maker party last week:


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